About Alere HealthCare Solutions

Alere Healthcare Solutions, LLC, is a Women Minority Owned Small Business specializing in recruiting international healthcare staff for U.S. commercial, nonprofit and government entities nationwide. ‘Aleré’ in Latin means to nourish or support, which is embodied in our mission and our way of business.

Did you know?

As of February 2021, registered nursing was the fifth-most in-demand job in the American workforce, according to LinkedIn. Healthcare facilities nationwide are searching for skilled registered nurses (RNs) due to increased patient demand for care as well as staffing attrition.

The American Nurses Association expects more than 500,000 experienced nurses will retire by 2022—and that doesn’t even include those who may have retired early or left the field in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partner with Alere Care Solutions to foster long-range stability in staffing, especially in your nursing workforce for all practice departments.

Why work with us?

No long-term agency cost

Alere recruited staff becomes a permanent member of your team from Day 1. Other providers ask you to lease their employees for 3 years, then buy out the contract after the 3rd year, disrupting the orderly and predictable flow of patient care.

Long-term partnership

We function as your long-term partner to create a sustainable workforce through multi-year recruitment planning. We will anticipate your staffing needs by estimating the growth of your practice coupled with your natural staff turnover, thus anticipating sudden needs and filtering the pool of job-ready professionals.

BSN-credentialed Nurses

Our nurses are all experienced, equipped with four-year BSN degrees, and trained to adapt to the US caregiving environment.

Comprehensive service

Once we are briefed on your staffing needs, we get to work managing the staff selection and enlistment process, international paperwork, visas and transition to the US for you.

International credentials

We are certified by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) and our recruitment protocols are regularly evaluated by DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment), assuring you of a credible international nursing service.

Immediate cost savings

With minimum 3-year work commitments from recruited professionals, Alere allows you to significantly save on nurses’ travel expenses by reducing turnover.

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