Executive Team

Coleen Santa Ana, the President and CEO of Alere Care Solutions, in a professional portrait.

Coleen Santa Ana, MHA

chief executive officer

With a career spanning more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, Coleen Santa Ana is a strategic leader who delivers results. As CEO and principal of Alere Care Solutions, Coleen connects healthcare entities with skilled staff that can enhance and strengthen their workforce.

Prior to Alere Care Solutions, Coleen served as president and other progressive executive roles within multiple hospital systems (Sentara, UHS, HCA) where her achievements include the transformation of a hospital from low patient safety and other critical rankings to among the top 10% ranked hospitals in the nation. Throughout her career, Coleen has developed and implemented systems that improve operations for hospitals in a variety of settings—for-profit, nonprofit, mergers & acquisitions, integrations, turnarounds, rural and urban environments.

As a strategic partner for your business Coleen will use her varied experience to help you build the workforce you need to meet the demand.

Coleen’s career in healthcare began when she became a hospital volunteer at the age of 15. Since then, she has brought her passion and drive to each position she has held within the healthcare industry. Throughout her career, Coleen has built positive relationships and worked to create consensus among all levels of staff, administration, physicians and her peers. Coleen has built community partnerships and reignited community confidence in local healthcare providers when that confidence had waned in the past.

She is recognized in the healthcare industry as a Modern Healthcare Up & Comer, Inside Business – Women in Business Celebrant, an Empowerment Awardee as well as seated on multiple Boards. She also contributes nationally, most recently she was appointed to the American Hospital Association Equity of Care Committee and served as Chair for the last two years. Coleen is also a United Way Women’s United 10 for 10 Class of 2020, Tocqueville Society Member and graduate of the CIVIC Leadership Institute, Intermountain Leadership Institute, AHA Institute for Diversity in Health Management Program and is a John Maxwell Team Member.

Coleen holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from James Madison University and a Master of Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she currently sits on the board of visitors.

Jelyn Musni, RN

chief Clinical Officer

Jocelyn Musni is a seasoned clinical professional with 30 years of extensive experience in the medical and nursing fields. She obtained her nursing degree in Chicago, Illinois, where she served as a NICU nurse in a number of hospitals across the Chicago healthcare system. While serving as a NICU nurse, Jocelyn became an expert in the operational management of different nursing departments, and, with that the expertise, founded Eden Home Healthcare which she owned and operated.  To better understand regional variation within the greater US healthcare system, Jocelyn moved to Nevada where she experienced the impact of the nursing shortage firsthand as a nurse at University Medical Center.


Driven by her commitment to elevate the standards of patient care, Jocelyn leveraged her practical knowledge of clinical nursing together with hospital administration and joined Alere Care Solutions to serve as our Chief Clinical Officer. Equipped with a wealth of experience as a bedside nurse, agency nurse needing to adapt to different environments and administrator, Jocelyn provides the perspective and vision needed to strategically lead the clinical operations of Alere Care Solutions. In addition to her clinical expertise and experience building strong nursing teams, her exceptional communication skills and emotional intelligence makes her a key asset in building the long-lasting, strategic partnerships necessary to expand your business operations. Jocelyn will add so much value to the Alere team – she is fluent in Tagalog and has great transitional perspective with her children returning to the Philippines for their nursing and medical school programs.  Jocelyn’s a wonderful leader for our incoming recruited staff to prepare them for successful careers in the United States.  

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