Alere Recruitment Process Summary

Our Recruited Staff are Ready for Success


Nowadays, most U.S. healthcare institutions require a four-year BSN degree. Aleré’s recruited nurses are all equipped with a BSN degree from reputable educational institutions. In addition, under their belt are multiple years of experience in a hospital or other demanding healthcare setting before transitioning to the U.S.


Alere’s recruited professionals are well-prepared for the U.S. transition. They must possess competent communication skills (they have to pass an international English language test) to understand their patients’ needs, as well as compassion to empathize with their condition.


Aleré’s nurses have all passed the mandatory NCLEX exam (National Council Licensure Examination), a quality assurance that the nurses who are granted RN status have met all the requirements by the state board of nursing. In addition, you are assured that our recruited professionals value proper safety and health maintenance protocols, as well as fundamentals of psychosocial and physiological integrity aligned with US standards.


We evaluate candidates' commitment, open-mindedness, confidence and professional competence. They are grilled about past challenging workplace experiences and how they were able to cope as well as problem-solve. Candidates for US placement are screened to ensure that they embody compassionate care, and they can articulate as well as establish human connection with their patients.


Before their deployment to the US, they will undergo clinical assessments and simulation for familiarization with the American system of healthcare and the modes of acculturation. We also conduct pre-departure orientation seminars wherein we discuss what challenges to expect, what to bring and prepare for their US transition.