Chief Executive Officer

Coleen Santa Ana is a nationally recognized Healthcare Executive with over 20+ years in the healthcare industry and has followed her passion of creating positive impact – this time through wanting to help communities all over the United States get the high-quality healthcare they deserve by partnering with her Healthcare Executive peers to build a sustainable workforce.

Before joining Alere, Coleen served as a Hospital President for the Sentara Healthcare system after progressively promoting through the for-profit organizations HCA and UHS starting as a 15-yr old hospital volunteer to ultimately the President title. She has a mix of industry experience in nonprofit and for-profit executive leadership and operations, urban and rural markets, mergers & acquisitions, integrations and turnaround work. She wants to take her years of experience in the Hospital Operations world and translate that into building effective workforce planning with you.

She is recognized in the healthcare industry as a Modern Healthcare Up & Comer, Inside Business – Women in Business Celebrant, an Empowerment Awardee as well as seated on multiple Boards. She also contributes nationally, most recently she was appointed to the American Hospital Association Equity of Care Committee and served as Chair for the last two years. Coleen is also a United Way Women’s United 10 for 10 Class of 2020, Tocqueville Society Member and graduate of the CIVIC Leadership Institute, Intermountain Leadership Institute, AHA Institute for Diversity in Health Management Program and is a John Maxwell Team Member. She received a Master of Health Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Health Services Administration and minors in Business and Psychology from James Madison University in 2001.

Coleen also plans to partner with Johnny Rustia to build more solutions through Alere to support healthcare organizations across the US. Alere believes there is so much potential out there to continue to innovate and improve the healthcare delivery model of the past to provide the best possible care.